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CRIME‘These Are Americans!’: Carlson Rips DOJ Targeting Conservatives

ByRosalind DoylePublished1 day ago

Do you feel like the Department of Justice is out of control? Are you outraged by the Biden and the Democrats’ latest move to target Trump voters? If so, you’re not alone.

Fox News host Tucker Carlson is speaking out against the latest move by the Department of Justice to bring charges against Trump voters. Carlson said in his show’s opening monologue on Tuesday that the DOJ was “not just after former President Donald Trump, but also those who voted for him.”

“In Manhattan tomorrow, what will certainly be an overwhelmingly liberal grand jury will meet and unless something unexpected happens, Democrats will have taken the unprecedented step of using a corrupt justice system to take out the front-runner in the Republican presidential field in a presidential race. And if that happens, America will never be the same,” Carlson said.

He went on to say that the DOJ has identified 1,000 additional Trump voters for non-crimes that they claim took place on Jan. 6. U.S. Attorney Matthew Graves has written to court officials alerting them that an additional 700 to 1200 people may be charged in relation to Jan. 6.

Carlson also said that Trump predicted he would be arrested this coming Tuesday in a Saturday morning post on Truth Social. Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg planned a meeting with law enforcement to coordinate the arrest, according to Fox News.

“You’ve got to hope that for the sake of the country, the Biden White House, which will be running against Trump, will put the country above partisanship and stop this. Merrick Garland at DoJ will issue every public statement saying that this is wrong, which it is, and therefore preserve for our grandchildren our justice system,” Carlson said.

It is clear that the DOJ is out of control. The Biden administration is trying to silence those who disagree with them by targeting Trump voters with baseless charges. This is a blatant attack on our democracy and our rights as citizens.

We must not stand for this kind of political corruption. We must stand up and speak out against this injustice. We must demand that our elected officials put an end to this and protect our rights as citizens. We must demand that the Biden administration and the Department of Justice respect our country’s laws and our Constitution.


Trump supporters were peaceful. It WAS BLM/ANTIFA WHO TORE UP THE JOINT.


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