GOVERNMENT CORRUPTION‘Destructive Federal Overreach’: Federal Judge Delivers Blow To Biden’s Climate Spending

ByRosalind DoylePublished1 day ago

The Biden Administration has been pushing its radical environmental agenda, and it’s had a major blowback this week. A federal judge has blocked the environmental regulations redefining how water sources are protected, but which opponents have argued were an example of overreach.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton said in a statement Monday that the unlawful rule would have saddled Texans across the state with crushing new regulations, slowing our state’s economic development and limiting our job growth. He added that securing an injunction stops the rule from going into effect, and called it an important victory protecting the people of Texas from destructive federal overreach.

The rule ultimately opens the door for the federal government to regulate wetlands, lakes, ponds, streams and “relatively permanent” waterways, largely mimicking a pre-2015 environmental rule set during the Obama administration which implemented the changes in an effort to curb water pollution.

The Biden administration’s push for this rule is just the latest example of their out-of-control spending. We’ve already seen Biden’s $1.9 trillion stimulus bill, the proposed $2 trillion infrastructure plan, and his $4 trillion annual budget. All of these plans are paid for with taxpayer dollars and are likely to add trillions to the national debt.

The Trump administration had reversed the Obama-era rules, loosening federal protections on water sources, such as puddles and ditches, that it didn’t consider navigable waterways or in need of federal oversight. A federal court, though, struck down the reversal in 2021 and implemented a middle-ground WOTUS interpretation that didn’t go as far as the Obama administration’s rule.

House Republicans have taken aim at the regulation with nearly 200 members urging the Biden administration to rescind it in January. And, earlier this month, the House passed bipartisan legislation to overturn the rule.

This is yet another example of Biden and the Democrats overreaching and trying to push their radical agenda at the expense of taxpayers. This ruling is a major win for states like Texas and Idaho, who have been fighting back against this destructive and expensive rule.


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