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When you follow the path of a veteran who has returned from a war caused by politicians – the young folks don’t want any part of a war. Do you blame them? It is easy for politicians to talk war and the fact there is no real winner once it is over. Time to rethink wars.

If the politicians want war – they should have to participate on the front lines. If you talk the talk of war – then you should have to walk the walk. If Russia/China/Ukraine want war – let the leaders have a duel and fight it out.



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Authoritarianism in religion and science, let alone politics, is becoming increasingly accepted, not particularly because so many people explicitly believe in it but because they feel themselves individually powerless and anxious.

 • Bastyon – DocB

So what else can one do…except follow the mass political leader…or follow the authority of customs, public opinion, and social expectations?” Rollo May, Man’s Search for Himself

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