KOMMONSENTSJANE – REVEALED: China Sent Hunter Biden a 3-Carat Diamond at About the Same Time Joe Biden Was Stealing and Relocating Classified Documents (VIDEO) — The Gateway Pundit – 1

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Biden needs to return it – 3 carat diamond is not worth the exchange. Most rich folks with inflation would need double, i.e., at least a 6 to 8 carat.

The country was taken by the Chinese cleaners again.


Truth2Freedom's Blog

House Oversight Chairman James Comer (R-KY) joined Maria Bartiromo this morning onSunday Morning Futures.

James Comer dropped this bomb in this morning’s interview.

Comer told Maria Bartiromo that Hunter Biden was given the 3.2-carat diamond from China at the same time Joe Biden was stealing classified documents and moving them around to his homes and offices.

Rep. James Comer:This isn’t the most complex investigation on the planet. Investigating the Biden family is kind of like tracking a bleeding bear in a snowstorm. There’s evidence everywhere that would point out that this family has been involved in influence peddling schemes for decades. And this is very concerning. And I think that the American people are getting a taste of this with the fact that these documents were stored in so many different locations. Does anyone beleive that those classified documents when they left the Vice President’s office that…

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