KOMMONSENTSJANE – An Intro to ‘How Bill Gates operates as a world dictator’

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A twisted mind is the devil’s workshop. He is a rich man who has too much money and doesn’t know anything but evil.  Just think what he could do with his money for the good of the world. He is running with the wrong crowd – for sure.

I felt comfortable as long as he had a wife who was stable in order to keep him grounded and a family.

But, now, he is a scary person. And, working with the One World Order Schwab – who is still trying to win WWII. These people are not elected and that makes it worse. They are trying to  use their money to rule the world and pay off their election prey – the Dem’s/Elites who vote with the Dem’s.

Someone recently said that Soros is trying to do the same thing and doesn’t even know where his money is going because it is so wide spread – same thing for Gates.  Wonder if some of his worker’s are stealing some of it for themselves.  That would be a rouse?

Just my opinion.


The Conservative-Patriot Christian Right

Intro by John R. Houk, Blog Editor

Stop World Control Exposé

Intro post © January 22, 2023

I’m on the Stop World Control (SWC) email list. SWC is a fantastic place to search information exposing Globalist-Marxist-Corporatist-Fascist Elitists plans and agendas to control the people of the world so that people ONLY exist to follow the diktats of the Elite – OR ELSE.

A 1/21/23 SWC email looks at documented evidence of the agenda perpetrated by Bill Gates he wants thrust upon the masses. The email functions as a teaser that links to the full exposé on the SWC website which is undated. The website has text and a couple of Documentary videos which I will embed in my cross post below. I am not quite as tech savvy The SWC Web-dudes so my cross my cross will lack the glitz-look SWC utilizes to keep one’s attention.

Keep in mind…

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