In my opinion – it happened when these people (AOC/ILHAN/JEFFRIES) were elected as Democrats and brought their hate/ideology (socialism/no work/everything free) as disrupters and hijacked the old Democratic Party and have left the real old Democrats behind and now call themselves Progressives which is a misnomer.

The left keeps referring to “Progressive” policies. Once it is voted on and becomes law – it is no longer a Democrat or Republican policy. It is a U.S. policy.

It is speech warfare by the Democrats to keep the conservative view in the closet. Twitter has proven that. It was just proven when “someone” tried to shut down my computer and I had to run a PC Matic computer scan.

Pelosi had no choice but to succumb to their hate/ideology.

There is no compromise with this new group as has been proven. We shall see how the left works with the Republican house for the good of the country.


Why politics has become like warfare
Verna Benham 9 hrs ago


Entering the new year, many are pondering division in our country. Philip Hamburger, Columbia Law School teacher and CEO of New Civil Liberties Alliance, sees conflict resulting from 20th century Supreme Court rulings that “simultaneously expanded Congress’s legislative powers and allowed them to be exercised by administrative agencies.” This enabled Congress to “regulate education, speech, healthcare, insurance, sexual issues and other areas once beyond Washington’s reach.”

Each election, therefore, became a high-stakes battle: “Those who win federal power can oppress; those who lose are apt to be oppressed.”

The need of professional administrators in complex fields is apparent, but Congress should not have been allowed to abandon debating tough issues and providing legislation. Congressmen will resist resuming these duties, however. Through administrative agencies, they accomplish their agenda without having to counter opposition.

They’re also shielded from being voted out for unpopular legislation or trespassing on fundamental freedoms.

The only recourse left to citizenry is through the courts. Overreach may have to be curbed piece by piece, e.g. West Virginia vs. the Environmental Protection Agency, June 30, 2022.

Concerning misuse of various agencies, let’s start with the highly revered FBI. When its leadership shifted from those schooled in the swear-to-tell-the-truth culture of professional investigators who ignored politics, the usefulness of investigations as weapons was discovered.

Whether to investigate or not, when and how, was decided according to political advantage, rather than for criminality or danger to the country. Professional FBI agents could have quietly restored security to classified documents astray in Mar-a-Lago and Biden’s residence. Instead, political drama elevated the matter to investigation by two special counsels. Good luck, guys.

To either indict or dismiss cases of a president and former president, each running for re-election, will invite outrage.

It could be great material for comic opera, if it weren’t so tragic for the country.

Conversely, investigations of serious misconduct have been suppressed. Hillary Clinton’s use of an unprotected server for Secretary of State business allowed easy hacking. During that period, members of our CIA network in China were identified and killed.

Likewise, the investigation of Hillary’s shredding of thousands of documents was canceled. Instead, an investigation accusing the Trump campaign of collusion with Russia was made up out of whole cloth and promoted for years.

On Jan. 11, The Wall Street Journal’s Holman Jenkins writes, “The latest news from the Twitter files brings us to the start of the Russia Collusion hoax, as seen in messages from Democrats, insisting that Twitter identify Russian activity that could be blamed for electing Donald Trump. How strange were the consequences of Mr. Trump’s entry into presidential politics in 2015, sparking a flood of mendacity only a fraction of which came from Mr. Trump himself.”

Shielding politicians at election time continued.

Jenkins continued: “Did the FBI, which possessed the Hunter Biden laptop and knew what it contained, knowingly mislead media outlets by telling them the New York Post story was the upshot of a Russian intelligence operation? Any news organization that merits the description would by now, if not two years ago, be saying: Let’s find out. Unfortunately, many U.S. reporting outlets face a ‘Catch-22:’ their own complicity, the Trump exception, under which the rules of honest news reporting are apparently suspended.”

Right. I’m filled with sadness for the many who abandoned the critically important truth of journalism—and the millions who believed, maybe still want to believe, their lies. Nations can’t survive without reliable truth.

Could the leftist assertion that ultimate truth doesn’t exist be undermining integrity in everything? It appears people are being taught, “Create your own ‘truth’, just don’t criticize anyone else’s.”

I see indications, even in a Sunday school class. A presenter of a video lesson described statements she used to comfort her dying mother.

Her husband challenged, “You didn’t believe any of that!”

She continued to say, “It was true.”

Because she thought it helpful, did that make it true? No. It’s Better to honestly say, “What follows is mystery,” yet encourage with faith: “God’s been so good to me in life, I trust him in death.”

“A Message from God, who lives in eternity: I live in the high and holy places, but also with the spirit crushed. And what I do is put new spirit in them, get them up and on their feet again. I was good and angry while he kept at his stubborn, willful ways. I looked again and decided to heal him, lead him and comfort him,” Isaiah 57.

Verna Benham, Kerrville resident, spent 20 years traveling the globe, as U.S. Foreign Service employee, then wife of foreign correspondent Joe Benham. She lived in Bolivia, Taiwan, Chile, Brazil and Argentina.



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