What are we actually trying to prove here?

We have to define what the definition is of the present Democratic Party and the Republican Party is and what they stand for..

First, both parties have been infiltrated with bad folks.

The Democrats are not the party of the working class ANY longer. They have all enriched themselves by joining the forces of Soros and even some RINOS have been paid off. One of the articles below mention that the Democrats have brought all of these good things to our country. |We have to remember that happened before it was infiltrated and the two parties worked together in discussions and voted. The parties each have their faults in that any bill that came about was not what was good for the people but which party would get the most recognition for it becoming a law and for voting purposes. Again, not for what was good for the country.

The Republican Party is a splintered party just like the Democratic Party.

Following are two articles printed in the Daily Times.

At one time I was a Democrat until the party left me.


Articles in the Daily Times 1/17/2023

Question of positive legislation in bipartisan Congress not answered

Thanks to Ms. (Katy) Kappel (in the Jan. 12 edition of The Kerrville Daily Times) for writing and exposing the underhanded tactics of Mr. (Rich) Paces (Kerr County commissioner for precinct 2) and his fellow disruptors. Many are so convinced of the rightness of their opinions that any tactic, no matter how duplicitous or damaging to the social fabric, is fair in their minds. Autocrats have no need for open and honest discussions. The tactics of bullying and misrepresentation are much preferred.

(Have to disagree with the bullying – have these people forgot about Antifa/Black Lives Matters/Democrats and the burning/looting/killing and the tactics going on right now with President Trump/Democrats? If you don’t like Trump that is fine – but, he did bring us back into the Constitution which is not happening at the moment. They have persecuted Trump for six years and that is NOT okay?)

My husband asked a simple question, yet we are again treated to a fabulist rendition of history by Mr. (Stephen) Lehman (in the Jan. 14-15 edition of The Times). In the world of many on the far right, everything they don’t like, no matter how much society may have benefitted from it, is labeled Marxist and will lead to the downfall of society as we know it. Perhaps they think that if an untruth is repeated often enough, it becomes true.

Therefore, I will repeat the question: Name one piece of positive legislation that was not developed by a bipartisan committee of progressives on both sides of the aisle in the Congress. Even the hated “ObamaCare” incorporated many aspects of what was called “RomneyCare,” developed by Mitt Romney when he was governor of Massachusetts.

(You must remember Romney is NOT A REPUBLICAN BUT A RINO.)

(They were called Democrats then not progressives. They only became progressives when AOC/Ilhad/et al, came into office and now the Progressives have Jeffries as their leader who is a follower of Farrakhan.)

I will also point out that every effort to overthrow the government in the U.S. has come from the right. The notion that Marxists have infiltrated and taken over the government was debunked during the Joe McCarthy era, and it is just as false today.

(No, that is not true – the Marxists – THEEERE BACK – but they are Muslims.

The threat to the freedom of this nation comes from the far right, as they are the insurrectionists who would dictate to the rest of us. Ironically, they are the ones now infiltrating the House of Representatives. (…)

(No, we really don’t know the whole story yet. You have only heard Pelosi’s side. And, the Republicans aren’t infiltrating the House/Congress, you say – THEY WERE ELECTED.

Mary Lou Shelton, Kerrville


Progressive policies help everyone
I would like to respond to Steve Lehman’s Jan. 14 letter (to the editor in The Kerrville Daily Times), where he compares progressives as Democrats who have not placed a single progressive policy in the last 100 years that only benefited politicians and special interest groups.

(Democrats were only called progressives since AOC/et al came into office and that is when everything went to “hell in a hand basket.”

(What has the Democratic Party known as Progressives done. The only accomplishment is trying to take down Presidents in this country.)


(The Progressives are part of the Deep State.)

Allow me to submit a partial list of progressive Democratic Party leadership accomplishments: 19th Amendment giving women the right to vote, The New Deal that ended the Great Depression, Social Security, G.I. Bill, Marshall Plan to rebuild Europe and Japan, the formation of NATO to deter Soviet aggression and unite Europe, the first moon landing, nuclear atmospheric testing ban, Peace Corps, Civil and Equal Rights acts, Medicare, Affordable Care Act, Inflation Reduction Act, Veterans Toxic Exposure Act, The Infrastructure Act.

It would appear that facts contradict your opinion. Just read the Preamble to the Constitution.

“Sedition,” seriously? You must have missed the Trump supporters performing seditious and treasonous activities on Jan. 6.

(The real story of Jan 6 hasn’t been told. The Pelosi story is what was presented to the media. Have you been watching TV lately. Is the story that is now on TV real or the reporter who was the only one who called it the Progressives’ BROWN/BLACK REVOLUTION? Time will tell us what the real story is. Do you believe in WOKISM?)

(Just my opinion – just like yours – which is our right – except the Progressives aren’t using law/order – the Constitution.)

John Capozzoli, Kerrville



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