Aren’t the native American Indians slaves to the government right now – by being isolated on reservations?


Critics slam San Francisco’s proposed $5 million reparations: ‘Outrageous,’ ‘unconstitutional,’ ‘unlawful’

Undoubtedly, Newsom missed that part if he studied American History.

This fellow had to have fallen and hit his head because he is just like his Aunt Pelosi – short of brain cells.

Why would we pay reparations to blacks – if some of their kinfolks were slaves, I doubt that? The current blacks are living in high cotton just like the rest of us. If not, it is because they are just like some white folks – Biden has convinced them “they shouldn’t work.” – to live off the government like he is/has. Work for the government and you can’t be fired.

Take a look at Rep Jackson Lee’s area and what has she done for them after many years of representation – just like all of the blue states. The Rep’s all lives high on the hog and treat their voters like they are the slaves. I do blame Lee for not knowing how to advance her voters, And, I blame the same people who continue to PUT her back in office.

The real problem that these old Democrats have is – they have joined the progressives (AOC/ET AL) and hate our Constitution. Their idea of the U.S. is – burn it down and start over. Why would that be a good idea as you can tell by the present state of affairs of all blue states – they don’t know how to build anything or keep anything running and it eventually falls apart.

They want to get rid of fossil fuels and don’t know that you need fossil fuels to keep a motor running.

Time to have a throw down and get this country back where it should be and progressives/Muslims aren’t in the mix unless they want freedom which is why they came here or is that the wrong assumption?

Just my opinion!


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