Why would anyone read his books when New York makes their own horror stories happen?

Undoubtedly, King doesn’t know the speakership voting process?


Horror author Stephen King has apologized for making a joke at upstate New York’s expense.

Amid the drama over Kevin McCarthy’s speakership battle last week, King compared the speakership of the U.S. House of Representatives to a stay in Utica, New York. McCarthy needed a few days to win over 20 Republicans who initially did not support his speakership. He finally won the title last Friday in the 15th round of voting.

“(T)he Speakership is like that old joke: First prize is a week in Utica. Second prize is TWO weeks in Utica,” King tweeted of the city in upstate New York last week.


Absolutely, too funny. Is King like hemorrhoids? He comes out of his hole and speaks; but, forgets how to return to a comfortable position.

I love New York; but, the blue state wants illegals to swarm the state so they can make more people miserable. Look at the mayor and AOC? What does AOC, a bartender, know about gas stoves? And, the mayor and his crime wave? And, the governor replies – no crime in New York.

They just had an election and had a chance to vote for a governor who could really help the state; but, no, they elected (some call it cheating) someone who wants to keep them in the same hemorrhoidal position with their crime, no bail, and on and on – nothing but Marxists who call themselves Democrats.

Now we shall refer to New York as the HEMORRHOID STATE.


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