KOMMONSENTSJANE – It is What Marxists Do….Attack Success to Destroy Success to Establish Marxist Equality

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Didn’t you learn much about that when you were matriculating from class to class at university?

How about listening a bit more closely to your president,  Barack Hussein Obama.

How about spending a bit of time reviewing his past, his education, the people he hung around with, his close friends, his mentors,  his Father Figures such as the Racist preacher, Jeremiah Wright, claime to be such for the twenty two years Barack attend the racist temple.

Mr. Obama spews against Americans successful in private enterprise…..They are greedy, he reports………He prefers the Solindra ones…..the ones who swindle  billions from the American taxpayers for Obama’s causes.

Enter Mitt Romney:

Romney: When You Attack Success You Will See Less Success

(All Marxist government dictatorships cherish and so nurture a bovine society without successess outside government PARTY domains.)

Didn’t you ever study Soviet…

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