KOMMONSENTSJANE – WHAT TO EXPECT FROM THE JAN 6 COMMITTEE’S FINAL PUBLIC HEARING. (Not much – need all of the facts – not just the Dem’s lies.)

For documentation purposes – Google would not allow me to post this article until now. I did post a message on Facebook – but not this message.

Not much – since all of the facts – Pelosi’s 1400 hours are not included.




Today is the big expose of the Jan 6th black and brown revolution and Pelosi will not allow any of her conversations/decisions (1400 hours worth) to be included in today’s hearing. Why not?

By not including Pelosi’s emails is like examining the crime scene (Jan 6th) without including the dead body’s autopsy (her phone decision for not allowing the National Guard to come in and control the area). So the hearing today will be nothing new. Just Pelosi’s Democrats still trying to rid their crime scene, Jan 6th, by using it as a crime against President Trump when it really was the Democrats/Pelosi/Biden/Schumer’s still trying to get rid of President Trump so that he cannot run in the 2024 election. Plain and simple.

As Musk’s Twitter revealations have proved – the Democrats were controlling the air waves with the whole government included to keep the Republican Conservatives out of the loop in regards to all truth/information and, especially, both elections – 2020 and the mid-terms – by lying to the American people.

Pelosi and the Democrats/media/Twitter/Facebook have committed many crimes against the people as has been proven by Musk’s releasing information they have been using against the people through back-door channels of communication by sabotaging communications with lies.

Pelosi, et al, should be the ones who are on trial today, not the innocent people who they have – still – in jail.


What to expect from the Jan. 6 committee’s final publ

Jan. 6 committee expected to recommend criminal charges against Trump
After months of political drama, the House select committee investigating the Jan. 6 attack at the U.S. Capitol holds its final public act Monday afternoon.

The meeting — the panel’s tenth televised one this year — is scheduled to start at 1 p.m. Eastern.

The most important business at hand: the committee’s decision on criminal referrals.

Chairman Bennie Thompson, D-Miss., tasked a subcommittee to make recommendations on criminal referrals and to explore enforcement options for the five Republican lawmakers who ignored subpoenas to testify: Reps. Kevin McCarthy, Andy Biggs, Jim Jordan, Scott Perry and Mo Brooks.

Sources familiar told ABC News the committee is preparing to urge the Department of Justice to prosecute Trump for obstruction of an official proceeding and conspiracy to defraud the United States. Another criminal charge under discussion is insurrection, the sources said.

MORE: As Jan. 6 committee debates criminal referral for Trump, experts weigh pros and cons
Thompson has said to expect “five or six” categories of referrals, which means there could be referrals to several different entities such as the Justice Department or the House Committee on Ethics.

The extent of the criminal referrals, and who will be targeted, will be made clear on Monday as the committee is expected to release a separate, shorter report on the matter. Any referrals would be a largely symbolic move, though, as it’s ultimately up to federal prosecutors whether to pursue charges.

On Sunday evening, a select committee aide provided a short statement about the committee’s coming actions.

“Following the business meeting, the Select Committee is expected to release certain materials, including an executive summary of the report, details on referrals, and additional information about witnesses who have appeared before the committee,” the aide said.

The eventual complete report will be hundreds of pages long and is likely to closely follow the themes of each of the panel’s hearings.

Those included Trump’s pressure campaigns on Justice Department officials, local election officials and on former Vice President Mike Pence to overturn the election.

The panel also heard testimony from White House insiders who described Trump’s desire to join his supporters at the Capitol and his resistance to pleas from his advisers to quickly condemn the rioters.

MORE: What we’ve learned from the Jan. 6 committee hearings
The committee recapped its major findings during its last hearing on Oct. 13, just weeks before the midterm elections, but may do so again on Monday.

Rep. Adam Kinzinger, R-Ill., recently said the committee’s comprehensive report will paint a “fulsome picture” of events surrounding the Capitol attack.

“This is all about telling the American people about what happened and leaving with them the opportunity to say, democracies can have bad days, but how we come back from those bad days is how we’ll be defined,” Kinzinger told ABC’s “This Week.”

The House select committee, formed in July 2021 after an effort to create an independent commission was ultimately blocked by Republicans, will expire at year’s end. But the Justice Department’s Jan. 6 investigations will continue despite the congressional committee being disbanded.


Disbanded – tells you how impotent they were?

What JUSTICE department since they are in on the crime.


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