Shifty Schiff In Panic Mode After Latest Move By Elon Musk

Should he be sitting in the “electric” chair – instead of the “hot” seat? With all of the damage he HAS done to our country with his lying?

Keely Compson
December 12, 2022

Schiff Meltdown: ‘Elon Musk Allowing Bigotry to Spiral on Twitter’

Congressman Adam Schiff appeared on CNN’s “OutFront” on Thursday and had a meltdown over the “bigotry” he claims is spiraling out of control on Twitter.

Pencil-neck went on to accuse newly-minted Twitter CEO Elon Musk of allowing hated to spread instead of “moderating and taking that content offline.”

CNN host Erin Burnett inquired, “I want to ask you about something else happening tonight, and that is a Twitter dispute you are in with Elon Musk. Musk wrote, and I quote him,’hate speech impressions are actually down by one-third for Twitter now versus prior to acquisition.’ You don’t buy it. How come?”

Schiff replied, “No, I certainly don’t buy it, and what is more important, credible analysts don’t buy it. What’s Mr. Musk saying is without any evidentiary basis. I could tell you I would find his explanation a lot more believable if he provided some evidence for it. Once more if it wasn’t the fact that immediately after criticizing me on Twitter all the comments that followed his, or most of them, were anti-semitic in nature and QAnon content directed at me almost to refute him.”

He added, “Sadly we are seeing bigotry, against the LBGT community, against the black community against the Jewish community and many other communities just spiral on Twitter now. We can’t be surprised. Musk has let go so many of the people that were responsible for moderating and taking that content offline.”

This coming from the man who claimed to have evidence of a collusion between former President Donald Trump and Russia in 2016. I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that Schiff is not a credible voice and there is no reason why anyone would believe what he has to say at this point.


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