This Yellen worm is squirming – the Democrats are getting awfully nervous. Musk needs to make a complete dump on all of the info and let it fall where it may – otherwise, the pigs will continue to wallow in this mud.


Janet Yellen Claims She Misspoke About Elon Musk

(TheLibertyRevolution.com)- Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen claimed she “misspoke” when she declared there was no basis to investigate Elon Musk’s takeover of Twitter.

According to reports, Yellen stated at a New York Times event on Wednesday that a review is necessary if there are severe threats to national security.

Yellen said Elon Musk’s purchase of Twitter Inc. would justify a government examination if it raised national security issues, reversing previous statements that downplayed the need for scrutiny. If there are difficulties, Yellen said it would be “proper” for the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States to have a look.

Yellen refused to comment on the possibility of a review of Musk’s purchase, stating that she could not tell what the federal government would look at.

She stated that she would not tell what they were looking at, and they would not comment on what was going on.

Yellen told CBS News earlier this month that there was no foundation for an inquiry into Musk’s finances to the best of her knowledge. There was no foundation to scrutinize his company’s finances.

The remarks came after President Joe Biden said he would support an investigation into Musk and his relationships with other countries. Following Musk’s purchase, the administration is keeping a tight check on Twitter, according to the White House.

Biden said Elon Musk’s collaborations and technological links with other countries were worth investigating. He claimed he wasn’t alleging that he was doing something improper. But he was proposing that Musk was worth exploring.

There is no reason for the Biden administration to harass Musk. They are angry that Elon Musk took away a large portion of their propaganda apparatus.

Earlier, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen blamed the near 40-year peak in inflation on consumers’ excessive spending habits.

According to Fox News, Yellen appeared on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” and was asked about the price spikes that have afflicted the United States for more than a year.

Colbert challenged her to explain to his audience how inflation became so out of control when two years ago, everything appeared fine. The late-night comedian, known for his sycophantic support for President Biden and Democrats, even mentioned that the Biden administration dismissed inflation as a negligible risk just last year.

Yellen contended that the administration handled the COVID-19 outbreak so well that consumers felt safe “splurging” on goods. She also blamed Russia for the rise in food and gas prices later in the conversation.

(Too funny -Biden’s admin handled the COVID-19 OUTBREAK SO WELL – how many people did they kill? Covid was developed for turmoil purposes as they tried to bring about ONE WORLD ORDER.)

Janet Louise Yellen, will you please go now!?


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