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We all know the Obama/Biden/Democrats accused the Republicans of putting the U.S. democracy under threat; but, in reality it was that trio of Democrats who have put our freedom/health/dignity of the people in peril in the U.S.   More Democrat/Obama’s trickery.

They used that same trick and some of the Democrat folks voted for the very people, Democrats, who are tearing up the country.

Is it lack of intelligence of these people who continue to “FLOAT THAT DEMOCRAT BOAT?”

These very people accused the Democrats who voted for a Republican in the mid-terms as “HOUSE BLACKS.”  A lot of blacks/Hispanics are leaving the Democratic Party because of their Socialism and dictatorship.


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FILE PHOTO: Brazil's former President Cardoso talks on the phone during an interview with Reuters in Sao PauloFILE PHOTO: Brazil’s former President Fernando Henrique Cardoso talks on the phone during an interview with Reuters in Sao Paulo, Brazil September 11, 2018. REUTERS/Paulo Whitaker

By Luke Baker

LONDON (Reuters) – The COVID-19 pandemic has led to a surge in authoritarian behaviour by governments around the world, posing a growing threat to democracy, hundreds of former prime ministers, presidents, Nobel laureates and lawmakers have warned.

The virus was first identified in the central Chinese city of Wuhan in December and has since spread around the world, prompting countries across Europe, Asia, the Americas and Africa to step in, many limiting free movement, free speech, public assembly and other civic rights.

“Authoritarian regimes, not surprisingly, are using the crisis to silence critics and tighten their political grip,” wrote some 500 signatories, including more than 60 former leaders, in an open letter organised by the Stockholm-based Institute for Democracy and Electoral…

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