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What are we doing – Federal elections are now different in each state as to how the process is handled. Why is this? We need to set any Federal election with laws on how they are put forth.

Each state now can expand the hours, have drop boxes, no limit for early voting and Dominion voting machines should be ousted and nothing but paper ballots for counting, and back up equipment if some of it fails like in Arizona. In fact, Arizona/Nevada should have a “REDO” because of their SLOPPY handling of the election and their foot-dragging exposition. Penalties should be incurred if they fail their closing time and their amount of time which they took to count and their lack of replacement equipment when their equipment failed. Poor planning by those in charge.

Time for those areas to be investigated for their lack of competency – especially, counting Democrat votes first to place confidence on the table and cause friction in the media.


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It’s taken a long time for the Marxists to destroy freedom in America. In its place they have erected the illusion of freedom. How did they do it?

Their primary method was to move away from the written words of our founding documents into their own created world of verbal leftist fantasies. A most important fantasy they are pushing now is “Our Democracy.” In a more educated age, everyone would know the difference between a democracy and a republic. But today their linguistic sleight-of-lip works, because most people have no idea there is a difference. That difference is the written word (in this case, the written law). Things in a democracy can flip with a single vote, perhaps the result of a stirring speech. It is much harder to change laws that are written down and widely circulated.

Oh, they made procedural changes, too. They had to. But their procedural…

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