Interesting take on the Democrats counting system:

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I know what you mean. The Republican clowns did virtually nothing to fight the vote harvesting in California as, several days AFTER election night, “uncounted” vote totals kept giving wins to Democrats after they had been called for the Republicans. The national Republicans did virtually nothing to fight the cheat-by-mail scam which is STILL being used in plenty of locations. IF you’re interested, back in 2018 I analyzed that aspect for overseas readers and explained why Democrats can pull it off. Back then, Florida’s Broward County was the Maricopa of its time, but DeSantis has shown that such delaying tactics CAN be stopped. Here is the link –


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Is this some kind of ploy to do some cheating? The states who are not capable of being efficient and bring in this drag on the system/elections need to have some type of monetary penalty for this delay.

This is incompetence of elected officials who are either ignorant of the duties or deliberately causing the delay. I can see this one time – but every time – they are using this delay for some type of strategy.


Balladeer's Blog

democrat vote fraudIndependent Voter site Balladeer’s Blog wants to remind readers that Maricopa County, which has become synonymous with voting debacles, has already said that it won’t finish its vote count until after the weekend. Around the nation a few other races are still dragging out, too. It’s still not final what the exact count in the House and Senate will be, so we still don’t know where everything stands.

There are entire nations that count their vote totals in one day, as they’re supposed to do. Some of the most suspicious counties and precincts in America now take far longer than whole countries to “process” election results.

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