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Arlin’s Report

Hillary Clinton stated Donald Trump was a recruiting tool for ISIS because of his strong words against Muslims. That kind of thinking mirrors exactly Barack Obama’s, which is fear of saying Muslim radicals or extremists. Don’t say anything that might upset the Muslims, stay ‘politically correct’. That is how Obama and Clinton have dealt with the Middle East. Kiss their behinds! The Obama and Clinton policies (while she was Secretary of State) have done more to aid the strength and EXPANSION of ISIS than anything Donald Trump has said.

Hillary is taking her own weakness, spinning it, or using reverse psychology to try to weaken Trump and making him a target. It is an attempt on Hillary to push negative issues away from herself to the leading GOP candidate. If Trump were not the leader she’d be focused on someone else. The typical BS from Hillary is once again deceit. She likes to bring videos into the picture for some reason. It doesn’t work!

Hillary is Lost in Space, using a phrase from Hollywood to end her closing statement “The force be with you.” That isn’t original, she was trying to be cleaver. Hillary is mesmerized by a FICTIONAL Hollywood.

Oh and another thing, so you are not running for president under your own merits, you are counting on Bill’s experience. Bill has had two terms!


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