They couldn’t handle preps for the cheating election and for the lottery to be honest at the same time? They can’t do two things at the same time – chew gum and meddle with the pedal. It might gum up the works like in 2020.

Monday Night’s Powerball Results Are Definitely a Surprise
NewserJenn GidmanNov 8, 2022, 11:45 AM

The display panel advertising tickets for the Monday Powerball drawing is shown at a convenience store on Monday in Renfrew, Pa.

If you were hoping to head into Tuesday knowing whether you’re a billionaire, it looks like you’ll have another wait to endure on Election Day. “Tonight’s Powerball drawing has been delayed due to a participating lottery needing extra time to complete the required security protocols,” the California Lottery tweeted just after 11pm ET on Monday, not naming which state’s lottery was having issues with the largest lottery drawing of all time, per CNN.

It added that all 48 participating lotteries had to meet the “strict security requirements” before the winning numbers could be picked.

An update more than three hours later, at around 2:30am ET, announced the delay continued, as the lottery that had been disrupted “[processed] its sales and play data.” The California Lottery says once that data is submitted, the numbers will be drawn under the watchful eye of independent auditors and lottery security officials, reports USA Today.

As of 6:30am ET, there was no estimated time for when the numbers would be drawn and posted, but the California Lottery notes that interested parties can continue to check its website and Twitter account for updates.

Citing a Multi-State Lottery Association statement, CNN reports that official results are expected at some point Tuesday morning.

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