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Humor – Something good can be found in even a pogo stick – a long stick having a pair of handles at the top and, near the bottom, a pair of footrests attached to a powerful spring, so that by standing on the footrests while grasping the handles, one can propel oneself along in a series of leaps. If you have one – just hop to your nearest voting precinct. It can also be used as a weapon, if needed.


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i go pogoI GO POGO (1980) – A possum for president? This stop-motion animation rendition of Walt Kelly’s iconic comic strip Pogo is, sad to say, even more aimless and unentertaining than the 1969 conventional animation show The Pogo Special Birthday Special. That IS the actual title, by the way. The approach to that half-hour cartoon special was, as the title indicates, so cloyingly cutesy that even Walt Kelly himself disliked it. 

Walt Kelly passed away in 1973 so at least he didn’t have to see this second travesty of his brilliant series. Pogo (1948-1975) featured cartoon animals who lived in the Okefenokee Swamp and were as cute and memorable as anything that Disney or Hanna-Barbera ever produced. Like the much later children’s franchise The Muppets, Pogo appealed to adults as well as children, and even sprinkled in a fair amount of political and social commentary.

pogoKelly was a master of making…

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