SHOOT – That’s like they are voting for the absentee person. Just like Alaska’s last election – why do they always change the voting procedure. Every state should have a standard when it is a Federal election. They do this to cheat their way into office.




WI Judge Rules Clerks CAN’T Fill Out Absentee Ballot Envelopes

By Eric Thompson


Wisconsin is a handful of states in which some of the more radical progressives in government openly refuse to play by the rules.

As with Pennsylvania, the Wisconsin Elections Commission in 2020 used illegal drop boxes, mailed out unsolicited mail-in ballots, filled out missing info for voters, etc.

In an effort to prevent this from happening moving forward, Republican lawmakers in the Badger state have been passing new laws or have canceled various other laws and regulations.

In July, the GOP voted to suspend a Wisconsin Elections Commission (WEC) rule that has allowed clerks to fill out missing voter mail-in ballot information (cure the ballots), without contacting the voters first, since 2016.

The Joint Committee for Review and Administrative Rules in the Wisconsin Legislature voted along party lines 6-4 to suspend this WEC practice that clearly allowed for the likelihood of fraudulent votes to be counted.

But the WOKE Wisconsin Elections Commission announced they would be continuing with filling out the envelopes anyway.

On Wednesday, a Wisconsin judge ruled that state law does not allow election clerks to fill in missing information on witness certification envelopes that contain absentee ballots.

A Wisconsin judge on Wednesday ruled that state law does not allow election clerks to fill in missing information on witness certification envelopes that contain absentee ballots, delivering a victory to Republicans nine weeks before the election in the battleground state.

The lawsuit, backed by the GOP-controlled Legislature, is the latest move by Republicans to tighten restrictions on absentee voting in the swing state where Democratic Gov. Tony Evers and Republican Sen. Ron Johnson are on the ballot in November.

Waukesha County Circuit Judge Michael Aprahamian on Wednesday granted GOP motions to immediately block the practice, known as ballot curing. The case is expected to ultimately go to the conservative-controlled Wisconsin Supreme Court, which in July ruled that absentee ballot drop boxes located outside of clerk offices are illegal.

The case will now likely head to the conservative-leaning Wisconsin Supreme Court.


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