Thought this is what CA wanted since they voted the Pelosi nephew back into office after the recall.

Just looks like they are “going to just have to “suck it up.”

They got what they voted for when they made him their gangster in charge.


California Blackouts Have Begun. Thank ‘Green Energy’

September 8, 2022 6:30 AM

Centrally planned progressive solutions such as solar and wind power are simply not reliable.

A punishing heat wave in California has triggered rolling blackouts and brownouts. But don’t blame climate change. This crisis is largely due to the state electric grid’s overreliance on unreliable green energy in a time of record energy demand.

Rolling blackouts have begun in the state, with thousands of customers having their power shut off. “We’re looking at a lot of records today,” Bob Oravec, a senior branch forecaster at the U.S. Weather Prediction Center, told Bloomberg earlier this week regarding the heat wave. “They are having a lot of issues with power out there, and this isn’t going to help.”


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