Conversation – Has the US become the Land of OZ?

The land of Oz had a “Wizard” that hid behind a curtain and pretended to be a strong leader. The US currently has a “President” that hid in a basement and pretended to be the strong leader who would unite the country.

Instead, the US is more divided than anytime since the Civil War. This country has almost 40% of voters who think the Biden Administration is doing a good job. Somehow energy dependence on our enemies and 42% increase in fuel prices are not a bad thing. Somehow extremely higher food prices and other goods are not a bad thing. Somehow a negative GDP is not a bad thing. Just like the land of Oz, negatives are being promoted and touted as positives for the country from those behind the curtain in DC.

The reaction to the leaking of a Supreme Court opinion on abortion is another example of the divisiveness of the US. The gaslighting politicians and media are purposely creating more division and hatred by misrepresenting the fact that this decision does not outlaw abortion. If they would just tell the truth, highlight the fact that the leaked information is an opinion of one Justice to be discussed and not a SCOTUS decision, this country would be a lot better off.

In regard to the Pro Choice Advocates, isn’t the pro choice position an oxymoron? There are many who disagree with their opinion, but everyone has a right to their opinion, even a Supreme Court Justice. Further, just because someone’s opinion is in contrast to yours doesn’t mean they’re wrong. Pro choice is about having control of your body and being able to make a decision that is right for you and your body. We hear that every day regarding abortion but where were these people when the government was mandating the COVID-19 vaccine. There was no outcry from pro-choice advocates about being forced to take a vaccine that was not FDA approved. We hear them loud and clear about abortion but the silence is deafening and hypocritical regarding other issues.

In the Land of Oz, there was a Scarecrow following the “Yellow Brick Road” looking for a brain. Today, the US has millions of Americans who want to keep following the “US Yellow Brick Road” of stimulus and subsidies expecting and wanting a handout from the US Government instead of a job. Too bad a brain was not given with the stimulus and subsidies.


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