The death of Floyd was a set up by the Democrats to further divide the nation and conduct the DEMOCRAT’S BROWN REVOLUTION/COUP AND CALL OUT WHITE STUDENTS. Plain and simple.


New Jersey School District Sued for Racism Against White Students

A New Jersey parent has filed a lawsuit against the school her son attends for discrimination against white students. The parent is only known as B.L. The parent claims that the Mountain Lakes school district has created a hostile environment for white students since June 6, 2020, around the time that riots over the death of George Floyd began.

According to a report from NorthJersey.com, the complaint claims that the district has started “a campaign of open racial discrimination” and “forced a racial,l political ideology” on students with their “ill-named ‘anti-racist’ agenda.”

The report explains:

“The suit demands that the district not be allowed to apply or receive federal funds until it stops the accused ‘racially discriminatory practices as well as stops supporting programs claiming white privilege and systemic injustices.”

After the death of George Floyd, Mountain Lakes High School Principal Frank Sanchez sent an email to parents that claimed that there was institutionalized racism within the district and he included a pamphlet titled “Seeking Justice from Reflection to Action”. he then sent the students a video that emphasized “white privilege.” B.L. described this as illegal indoctrination.

Ronald A, Berutti, the attorney representing B.L. released a statement on behalf of his client, which read as follows:

“For two years, I have been in dialogue with the Mountain Lakes School Distrct about a basic discrimination matter. I believe the Mountain Lakes School District was influenced by prevailing national narrative and local social groups to advance specific messaging that is not fair and equal to all students. I am concerned that the school district works with selected groups in private meetings and via email without transparency and input from all parents in a public forum.”

“Even in times of national turmoil, the school district must adhere to district policy and follow state and federal laws. It is unfortunate that we live in a time when holding our public institutions accountable is met in our community – and our country – by intimidation and personal attacks. My intent is not political and not intended to start a movement. It is simply for our schools to follow policy and law and stop discriminatory practices.”

“My family has unfortunately been subject to harsh judgement, name calling and intimidation. We are humbled and appreciative of the support of so many in our town and throughout the state who have raised similar questions in their school districts but are afraid to speak up for fear of retribution. It is my hope that this matter is resolved for the sake of the next generation.”

Firing the individual is an exercise in futility; what has to happen is to get back to CONSTITUTIONAL originalist law & order, to teaching HONEST (warts & all) history, as well as honest (repeatable in a lab, by anyone) science, as opposed to the politicized “bought” results to support an agenda, & the “3 Rs”, with MERIT grading systems, based on students’ learning, none of the crap, currently put out by the overpaid & way UNDER PERFORMING “educators” (read propaganda peddlers), in our so-called schools. Treat students equally, including equal disciplinary actions for rules infractions; demand proper decorum of all, & expect performance from all, without regard to melanin level or sex ,based on DNA, not”feelings” or proclivities. We also need to teach FIXED moral standards, in homes , churches, & schools, not this “sliding scale” amorality. This nation, today & the “modern” world, are, at present, quite literally “hell bent” on a path to utter destruction! It is completely unsustainable, but the “sustainability” they preach IS that destruction, in fact!


It is a shame that our students have to put up with this.


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