KOMMONSENTSJANE – Not again?!? Romney’s “TRUST Act” – the GOP’s Trojan Horse to cut seniors’ Social Security & Medicare benefits is BACK!

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How many times do we need to float this boat?

Romney is a rich Democrat for starters and THAT tells the rest of the story. He is using the Repub’s campaign COFFERS to continue being a RINO. Nothing he brings to the floor is good for anyone. Vote this scumbag out of office. He is a communist.

They have fleeced the American people over and over by calling all of these programs different names.  They have given our money to foreign countries and foreigners and are draining our coffers and look at the shape of our country with no shame.  They do not furnish any transportation system for the poor to move about and now trying to take away our money and cars and give us a credit card and take away the cash – nothing but a bunch of AH’S.



Sen. Feinstein joined over 20 other Democratic senators in voting for Romney’s TRUST Act last time it was up. Perhaps they did not appreciate then how it would fundamentally weaken Social Security and Medicare, allowing cuts to benefits without regard to how they would affect their constituents who depend on them. But…it’s a GOP bill. The rich are always protected and the poor and middle-class are left to pay the check. Seriously – THEY SHOULD HAVE FIGURED THIS OUT BY NOW!

What we need isH.R.5723/S.3071 “Social Security 2100 Act – A Sacred Trust.” This legislation adjusts the payroll wage cap so that the wealthy begin paying their fair share into the program. They also includes a 2 percent across the board increase in benefits and a more accurate inflation formula for calculating cost-of-living adjustments.

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