Definition of a proxy war – a war instigated by a major power which does not itself become involved: “the end of the Cold War brought an end to many of the proxy wars through which the two sides struggled to exert their influence.

It is time for the people who have been elected to start doing their job and shut down this Obama team who are working through Biden.

It is time to call out this Obama team by working through the Supreme Court. I have never seen such inefficiency by people who have been elected.

Take a look at the disabled people in the U.S. caused by senseless wars and by politicians who use wars to fill their own pockets and their senseless outcome. It is a no-win situation for any country and now with the nukes in play – these are MAD MEN with nothing to gain but playing with the lives of people.

Ukraine is a war between them and Russia. Look at the amount of money the U.S. is providing and the lives of people being lost in Ukraine – for what? It is nothing but a PLOY war to try to sink the U.S. by the One World Order/Obama MAD MEN to remake the world into a communist country. DON’T YOU SEE? OBAMA AND PUTIN ARE OUT OF THEIR MINDS. They have nothing to lose since they have enriched themselves with our money.


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