KOMMONSENTSJANE – WATCH: Tucker Carlson Discusses Food Processing Plants Across the Country Catching Fire, Over a Dozen Factories Destroyed, Including Two THIS WEEK in Plane Crashes — The Gateway Pundit

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What’s it going to take for someone to get nervous about these crashes?


How many more food plants will be destroyed before anyone gets in a tizzy about it? Planes don’t just happen to dive into a food factory and blow up. Are the FBI/CIA too busy covering up for Obama/Biden and themselves to do investigations?

Will some of our citizens start an investigation since the real folks are too busy with Biden before it is too late and we start having food shortages – which are the Democrat plans. Plain and simple.


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With the cost of energy skyrocketing and record-breaking inflation, the Biden administration came out last month and warned the public about “food shortages” hitting the US.

Naturally, like with the ‘Putin price hike’, fingers were pointed at the war in Ukraine for causing the shortages.

Biden himself was even trotted out by his handlers, warning that the shortages in the US would be nothing short of “real.”

Joe Biden: Expect “Real” Food Shortages in Europe and the United States (VIDEO)

Well, something odd and concerning has been happening ever since the Biden Administration made their ominous prediction. Over the past month, there has been a mysterious wave of destruction hitting the US food processing infrastructure that has seen “over a dozen” food production facilities destroyed completely or rendered inoperable.

This week alone there were TWO – yes two – separate incidents where a plane crashed into food processing plants,one…

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