We have travelled throughout the world and always were ridiculed for being AN AMERICAN. They want our dollars for visiting their countries but don’t want to put up with Americans when we arrive.

My answer always was – UNTIL YOU WALK IN MY SHOES – YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT FREEDOM IS. And, why are so many clamoring to get into the U.S.?

Point made.

Now – the test would be for all Democrats and Republicans need to take an IQ TEST. Then we will talk about the results. Until then – why is it Democrats don’t want VOTER ID’s. The only thing about a Democrat that I see that outwits the Repub’s is – they are good at cheating and breaking the law.

Look what just happened with Obama, a black man who didn’t even support his race,  and all of those people who jumped off that pier with him and didn’t even have a life jacket on.  Time will tell.


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mascot donkey and republican headsAs ever, Balladeer’s Blog would be just fine if both the Democrat and Republican political parties – or the “Royal Houses” as I call them – splintered into multiple smaller parties. Yet, overseas – and for some smug people right here in the U.S. – a certain prejudice is still prevalent. That prejudice is the false notion that Republican voters are “stupid” and Democrat voters are “intelligent.” That notion is absurd even as sweeping generalizations go. 

Here is a real-life incident that is the template for every deceptive depiction of one political party as stupid and the other one intelligent. This same pattern has been repeated over and over and shows why this stubborn prejudice is not valid no matter how widely-held it may be.

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