KOMMONSENTSJANE – Are Americans Able To Teach Truthful Knowledge In Schools Anymore?

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No – because you have the illiterates’  in office today – the TEACHERS UNION/DEMOCRATS.

We allowed the Clinton’s to dumb down our children and teach them their Marxists words and meanings and we now have all of these people in politics.  That is what happens when you trust liars like the Clinton’s.

Now, if you were asking that question three generations ago – you would receive a positive answer; but, after that Billary appeared on the scene and the school agenda was dumbing down our children and modern math – anything can equal anything/Joycelyene Elders, physician, who had condoned the idea of teaching school children to masturbate as a way of avoiding the spread of the AIDS virus, and she has also spoken in favor of studying the legalization of drugs and the distribution of contraceptives in public schools and has criticized the Catholic Church for its opposition to abortion, drawing intense fire from conservatives.

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APRIL 9, 2022 BY JOHN HINDERAKER at PowerLine:


A couple of years ago one of my kids gave me Andrew Roberts’biography ofNapoleonfor Christmas. I read it, not too long after, and thought was terrific. I wrote about it on this site, and Andrew twitted me on Twitter for reviewing the book five years after it came out.

So when another of my kids gave me Andrew’s newbiography of George IIIfor Christmas last year, Ithought I’d better get cracking and read it. Which takes a while, since it is around 700 pages long. I startedThe Last King of Americain February, but we were traveling a lot then, and since the book weighs in at 10 or 15 pounds it can’t readily be stuffed into a briefcase. Also, you can’t take it to the gym. So along with…

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