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The UN who is proposing this are not elected by the us – we have only one rep from the U.S. and the One World Order ARE NOT ELECTED LEADERS.

We have a Constitution and Bill of Rights and the UN/One World order do not have any right to come into our country and purpose ANYTHING.  We must fight this with all our might.  They are trying to make people their slaves IT ALL STARTED under Bush I/II/ Biden/Obama started this CRAP.

This all stems from certain cultures in our country and we have to be careful because:

A One World Agenda: The Illuminati. There is an elite group that controls the world. They run governments, companies and religions – This is the story of the world’s most powerful secret and sacred order.

What are the UN’s New World Order goals?
Over 20 goals comprise the “new world order” the United Nations will focus on as part of its “Agenda 21/2030 Mission Goals,” according to the claim. Items on the agenda include one world government; a single cashless currency; government-owned and controlled schools, colleges and universities and an end to single-family homes.

What is the New World Order (nWo)?
The New World Order ( NWO) is a conspiracy theory which hypothesizes a secretly emerging totalitarian world government.

What is the 10 point plan of the New World Order?
THE TENPOINT PLAN OF THE NEW WORLD ORDER Or HOW TO PREPARE THE WAY OF THE ANTICHRIST. THE STRATEGY: The 10 point charter of Alice Bailey adopted by the U.N. THE PURPOSE: To change Judeo/Christian tradition or to redeem the nations from Judeo/Christian tradition.

What is the one world government programme?
It introduced ‘a new universal agenda’ for all mankind. (In other words, a scheduled approach to one world government). Among those who gave endorsement to the program were US President Barack Obama and Pope Francis. The plan bypasses US Congress and the legislatures of the world’s other 193 nations.

Are both of these people comunists?


The woke occupation army and its pagan gods led by Pelosi are at war with traditional Americans.

Let’s clean out all of the toilets in our government – Vote the Pelosi/Biden Democrats out of office.

THEY KNOW NOT KNOW WHAT THEY DO!  For They Know Not What They Do.


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Poking the Deplorable Bear

Three recent left-wing tracts demonstrate how the Woke Occupation Army, and its pagan gods, are at war with traditional America and how they are determined to pin the blame on us.

By Glenn Ellmers at American Greatness:

March 15, 2022

“The United States is coming to an end. The question is how.”

Those are the opening lines ofThe Next Civil War: Dispatches from the American Future, by Canadian journalist Stephen Marche. It is one of several new books examining the possibility of our current political differences escalating into open conflict.

Marche’s book purports to be a fair-minded analysis of our partisan divide, but isn’t. His effort is interesting mainly as a sociological exhibit of the incurious leftist mind. The author launches his investigation by claiming that he has no stake in American politics, considering himself neither a Democrat nor a Republican. Yet on…

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