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Democrats still hostile to the working class and the poor; meanwhile, at the ranch they, especially, give the Dem’s their votes and their voice, like Joy Reid on CNN. Look at the job she has and she continues to disparage President Trump for all he did for the blacks while in office. We know she was pushed up the ladder without any IQ tests. Why do we know that – because – no one would make the stupid remarks she makes ever day by continuing to call everything racism. A good example is – calling the Ukraine war – racism – because white people/religion are being blown up by Putin’s thugs and the fact is being covered by the media 24/7. Does that make any sense?

Joy, just keep up your rants – it gives fodder to your media.


Balladeer's Blog

democrat platform hatredHere at Independent Voter site Balladeer’s Blog I’ve long pointed out that one of the many things that drove so many like me away from the Democrats is the way that financially comfortable Democrats are every bit as callous and uncaring toward the working class and the poor as the richest snobs ever were.

Democrat court jester Stephen Colbert aka “Joe Biden’s C*ck-Holster” recently expressed The Party’s pompous disdain for the rest of us. Colbert said he’s “willing to pay more for gas because that’s the cost of a clean conscience. Also, he’ll “pay $15/gallon because he owns a Tesla.” Got it, peasants?

democrat snob Democrat snob

The Democrats’ attitude is still “Screw you people for not being one percenters like us media cheerleaders for The Party!” Unfeeling pigs like Colbert don’t care how much you’re already suffering because of Joe Biden’s inflation and his other disastrous policies. Many of them…

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