KOMMONSENTSJANE – Russia, the ‘peacekeeper’, attacks Ukraine (unprovoked)#TrumpisaRussianAsset is trending.Did anyone tell them the Russia Collusion story was all a lie? #DurhamReport

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As I have always said – the United Nations are not elected officials and have nothing to offer any country that contributes to them.  It is like the MAFIA – they do nothing but talk.

Where is the United Nations in protecting Ukraine and throwing rocks at Putin? Something is wrong when the two worst leaders can walk in and make like they are peacekeeping and kill innocent people cause they want more land when they aren’t taking care of the land/people they already have. Putin says Ukraine leaders are on drugs and corrupt and being backed by Biden. The real story in my book is all three leaders are in the tank with China and using our money to slowly empty the gas tank. If JOBAMA was interested in saving the U.S. – he would open the oil spicket like yesterday.  JOBAMA  ARE THE BAD GUYS.


Trump:The American Years

Thank God the 4 yrs Trump was President we weren’t facing any conflicts. Trump was so unpredictable and not afraid to use limited or proportionate force when necessary. Our enemies never knew what he would do but they knew he was likely to do something. Now the crazy lefties are trying to blame Trump by insinuating it was Trump’s close relationship with Trump-not his foreign policy-that kept Russia at bay.Did they not get the news that the Russia collusion story was all a lie?

Trump did not have a ‘close’ relationship with Putin. The only thing Trump would not do is attack Putin publicly knowing it would not achieve anything. Trump did know if you were tough with Putin privately that Putin would respond to what Trump did, not what he said.

If you compare Trump’s actions towards Russia with Biden’s actions the only conclusion you can reach is that…

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