It is better to be a puppet (friend) of the U.S. who helps you rather than be a puppet guinea pig of the Chinese who are using the world and Putin to further the Chinese agenda to take over the world and Russia. Will he throw Putin in the Chinese Ughar prison after he uses him or will he just disappear like the others?

Putin is the sucker by sucking up to the Communist leader King Kong.


Royal Patriot

Putin Sent A Clear Message Calling Ukraine “Puppets” Operatives For U.S.

Royal Patriot

Putin Sent A Clear Message Calling Ukraine “Puppets” Operatives For U.S.

(RoyalPatriot.com )- On Monday, when Russian President Vladimir Putin declared the Donbas and Luhansk regions of Ukraine as independent, he also claimed that Ukraine – an entirely independent nation – is actually a United States colony with a “puppet regime” in charge of it.

It comes after months of speculation that Putin was planning to invade Ukraine, as he increased the number of Russian troops on the border with the country to more than 150,000.

During a speech, Putin announced that the two regions of Ukraine – which are populated mostly by Russian speakers – are no longer Ukrainian territory and that he planned to send in troops on a “peacekeeping” mission to protect the citizens.

In an attempt to legitimize his decision, he accused the Ukrainian government of effectively being run by the United States. It’s the perfect pretext for sending in troops, just like he did with the annexation of Crimea in 2014, and claiming that he is only acting in the interests of the Russian people.

This week President Joe Biden responded to the speech by announcing a range of sweeping sanctions against Russia.

Among the sanctions placed on Russia is a restriction on the company behind the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline – a pipeline favored by President Biden himself after canceling the Keystone XL pipeline between the United States and Canada.

Biden also said that he will “not hesitate to take further steps,” but so far it seems as though Putin doesn’t care very much.

In fact, during the same speech that he accused Ukraine of being run by a puppet regime, he also indicated that he was very aware that the United States planned to impose sanctions on Russia.

So…what now?


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