The taxpayers need to hear something from these two leaders so that we know where we stand as conservatives. Up to now, they seem to be standing with Biden/Democrat Communists.

This question is to Senate minority leader, Senator McConnell, and Congress minority leader, McCarthy. We have received a lot of information in regards to the 2020 election about it being proven that it was stolen; but, we never hear any one of either leaders if the party that agree or disagree with this. Before I vote in the next election, I would like to know who these two support – Biden or Trump.

I was very disappointed with Senator McConnell and McCarthy in the way he and the Congress did not help President Trump during the four years of his term in fighting the Democrats and even now.

It is a must that we as Republicans must stand up for our party and this is not happening. It seems they are standing up for Biden/Democrats and China. I cannot support the Republicans if they are silent in this regard with so many RINOS in the party and it seems like the party always select RINOS in the election process. The leader of the national Republican Party is not rooting out the RINOS and then we have to vote for them. A good example is Romney, surely his niece new he was a RINO?

It is time to part the waves and set our party straight or we are going to lose again.


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