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democrat failures coming home to roostTwenty-first Century Democrats are not liberals and they’re not progressives. They are illiberal and regressive, which is why so many of us have left that political party to become Independent Voters. Just as America’s Democrats cheer on Justin “Blackface” Trudeau’s fascist tactics against the populist movement of Canadian Truckers they support the fascist treatment of the populist January 6th protestors. (People who think that was an “insurrection” need professional help and a history lesson.)

freedom trucker protest bitBy the way, JOE BIDEN STILL HAS MORE KIDS IN CAGES THAN EITHER TRUMP OR OBAMA HAD. But as we all know, Democrats never really cared about those kids, they just used them as a political stick.

JOE BIDEN’S INFLATION STILL DRIVING RENTS SKY-HIGH. The Biden Regime’s war on the poor and the working class continues.

BIDEN’S POLICIES DRIVING BLACK UNEMPLOYMENT LEVELS HIGHER AND HIGHER. Under his predecessor’s policies black unemployment was at a…

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