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Yes, that is true; but, what we have had with Bush I/II/Clinton/Obama as corrupters hasn’t helped.  Now we are paying the price.  President Trump put the people and the country first; whereby, none of the previous ones did that.

He (Biden) made his way through politics always being a bully to get ahead and especially right now. He is putting the country in a dangerous position or maybe they are all playing this game to keep the U.S. people concerned.  The Democrats are trying to continue hurting the country/people.


The Goomba Gazette

Putin, Xi meet prior to opening ceremony for Olympics, send clear message to West

Judo Guy – do you think K J is really that stupid???

Remember what I have been preaching for so long; we are ALWAYS 1000% better off being on amicable terms with our enemies than not; this will and has proven to be very prophetic.

Kamikaze Joe will never fit into the group of dignitaries that attempt to use the diplomacy instead of street corner tactics and dialogue. He is too self-centered and wants to portray himself as a tough guy.

Let me clarify this; I am not absolving the Judo Guy and Charlie Chan for any of their misdeeds; What I am professing, we are much better off being on friendly terms with them then not. Anyone that doesn’t agree has their head stuck up or the sun doesn’t shine.

I hear that K J…

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