KOMMONSENTSJANE – Does Our Mentally Difficult Biden Know?

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Qualifications do count. Otherwise, the court will be the laughing stock of the country. In fact, at the present time it is hard to take the liberals on the court seriously due to their lack of intelligence and always grounding the ball in left field in their writings. It is very obvious – there is no serious thought process in their thinking/decision-making.


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February 4, 2022

Biden’s Supreme Court Tradeoff

ByDennis L. Weisman at American Thinker:

President Biden ignited a political firestorm last month when he announced that he would fill the Supreme Court vacancy created by Justice Stephen Breyer’s resignation with a Black woman. This was reportedly the result of a deal (politicalquid pro quo) that candidate Biden struck with Representative James Clyburn (D-South Carolina) in return for delivering the Black vote in the South Carolina primary.

President Biden did a huge disservice to both the integrity of the selection process in nominating justices to the high court and to the candidate that is ultimately chosen. The fact that Biden would enter into such a pact with Clyburn strongly suggests that these vacancies are for sale. It is worth noting that a former governor of Illinois (Rod Blagojevich) was impeached, convicted, and removed from office by a…

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