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This is a very interesting article and the author swings back and forth in the trees with his thought process.

We all know, the powers that be continue sporting white privilege and continue moving the goal post to accommodate their political reasoning.

The definition of disadvantage is:

A person or area who are in unfavorable circumstances, especially with regard to financial or social opportunities.

We must realize that advancing anyone without the proper education only makes them more disadvantaged and in the end stymies their growth. You can push them through this system; but, once they hit the rubber in the road and have to compete with others in the working world – they are then at a disadvantage and labeled as a “token.”

Another thought is that most minorities work for themselves and hide their income which doesn’t help any of the wage charts.

The world/U.S. must go to an IQ testing to better prepare those who are going to handle the future of our countries. As we all know – we have people in our government who are not qualified to handle these jobs and are now corrupting the system and the world is spiraling out of control.

You can please some of the people some of the time – but, not all of the people all of the time.

The Democrat communists reply to this is – we must “lower our expectations.” This is not the right answer. The dumbing down of all races is not the right answer and must be rejected. There will always be a variance in society’s structure and it must always be met with people being able to “fit in.” How can you balance the scales of life with humans when even the scales of justice are not even?  A good example in the U.S. – BLM/Antifa burned down towns and caused mayhem and they were arrested, and then released.  The Conservative Trump supporters were blamed for the Capital riot and still  in jail with no bail or trial – solitary confinement (according to the Constitution) and the BLM/Antifa arrested and released – where is the justice/Police let BLM/ANTIFA into the building?



Amidst the current political attacks on White Privilege in the UK it is important that we have an accurate and informed understanding of what White Privilege really is. Whether the attacks be from Kemi Badenoch stating that teaching about White privilege is unlawful, Education Secretary, Nadhim Zahawi, stating that it is a ‘contested view’ and constitutes ‘partisan politics’, or the Commons Education Committee, saying teaching white privilege could be against the Equality Act, they all promote a mis-representation of the concept of privilege. This is a politicised misrepresentation that seeks to conflate race privilege and class privilege in a process that weaponises class against Black and Minoritized people. It also works to deny the reality that the disadvantage White, working-class people experience is down to middle-class privilege and is nothing to do with race.

Despite what the Education Committee Report claims, teaching White Privilege is NOT about telling children, or…

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