KOMMONSENTSJANE – it didn’t start with a fraudulent election

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It didn’t start with a fraudulent election – it started with the left touting that Biden was the most experienced foreign policy genius to come before us.

Too funny!

Are you all still laughing?


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Libertarian Republic: Food line in Venezuela, soon to be a city near you!!

Don’t let anyone tell you it did, it started long before that. Communism is here, and has been infiltrating our daily lives for some time now. I prefer to say Communism (though I have referred to the Democratic Party as the Democratic Socialist Party) because: The maindifferenceis thatsocialismis compatible with democracy and liberty, whereasCommunisminvolves creating an ‘equal society’ through an authoritarian state, which denies basic liberties. …Communismis a political and economic ideology – closely associated with the stateCommunismof the Soviet Union and China. The Democrats, have it seems taken both concepts and created one……..kind of a Commie Socialist’s Democratic Party. China Joe Biden, a well paid agent of China is pushing us to a full authoritarian government, under direct orders from the real third term shadow presidency…

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