A Message From A Pastor
Father’s Formed.org Suggestion of the Week

FYI: Fr. Donald Calloway wrote a book of the same title.

Last week I wrote about finding joy in living one’s vocation even if it goes against societal norms.

At this issue’s core is living authentically as God created us to be—man or woman. Our world has embraced ideals that are contrary to
this reality. The beauty and difference of each has been
blurred and at times outright ignored. We, as a people. accept the notion that God got it wrong or that there is no true
gender identity. We as children of God must reclaim the
truth in God’s creation of humanity by living the authentic
manhood or womanhood God created within us not what
we wish or think it should be.

To be beacons of truth in a world that works to denigrate
the authentic, we must first understand what true masculinity and femininity are. They are equal in dignity, but different, and each has an important role in the Body of Christ.

There is a beautiful complementarity between the two. The
second step is finding comfortability in our inherent nature.
God created each of us and He does not make mistakes.
Ultimately, both are lived rightly in living a virtuous life.

We can look to the Holy Family, particularly Mary and
Joseph, for inspiration to the role of true manhood and true
womanhood and how they interrelate. Joseph, with love
and respect, spent his married life supplying for, protecting,
and guiding his family. Mary, in her love and respect, nurtured, supported, and gave guidance to her family with
great strength and grace.

This basic look needs much more unpacking. I encourage you to look up “authentic manhood” or “authentic
womanhood” on formed.org. Also, we have a men’s group
in the parish and a woman’s group starting up that can
strengthen the identity of our men and women. May God’s
grace guide you to a deeper understanding of yourself and
your role in the Body.


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