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The ragin’ cager. Maybe the Dem’s need to put him in a cage.  Where did “kool hand luke” – that all of those one to three a.m. 2020 voters voted for  – disappear too?  Was that fake, too?

Bet they wish they hadn’t cheated and had President Trump back – a man of his word.


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Senile Joe BidenIndependent Voter site Balladeer’s Blog has never made any secret of the fact that I’d like to see both the Democrat and Republican Parties splinter into multiple smaller political parties, so as usual my opinion on the following issues is not based on any partisan bias. I used to be a Democrat before going Independent.

It has been established beyond any deniability that Joe Biden significantly altered previous arrangements by his predecessor Trump and by America’s NATO allies regarding withdrawal from Afghanistan, yet he still struggles to cast blame on everyone else for the resulting disaster. For the COUNTLESS articles establishing Biden’s clear culpability in all this, by both Democrat and Republican media outlets, by the way, see the past few weeks’ worth of blog posts right here.

Creepy Sleepy Joe’s incoherent, loud and rambling “speech” the other day regarding Afghanistan showed the entire world why Biden has been so…

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