KOMMONSENTSJANE – “Even allowing for the dementia, it was a stunning thing”…Tucker Carlson’s Brilliant Take on Biden’s Bizarre and Divisive Rant About Voting Laws [Video] | 100PercentFedUp.com

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Who better than Tucker Carlson to completely savage Joe Biden’s drama-filled rant about voting laws? He blasts Biden with sarcasm and humor in a brilliant takedown. It’s a classic.

Tucker starts by saying Biden made a “very disturbing announcement” today, and then he scorches Biden for every drama-filled comment.

Line of the day:“Even allowing for dementia, it was a stunning thing…”

Biden’s comments are below, along with others pushing the “Civil War” narrative:

During a speech today at the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia, Joe Biden said Trump supporters are worse than slave-owning Confederates. Isn’t he supposed to be the great unifier?…

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