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Cheers for this man who continues to write the truth about the left and how “they bear false witness to the truth and lie about or misrepresent the truth.”


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Mascot with demo and repub headsOverseas readers know that I’m an Independent Voter and I’d like to see BOTH the Democrat and Republican Parties splinter into multiple smaller parties. It may be the only peaceful way out of our current situation. Anyway, those overseas readers often ask me for some non-partisan perspective on American political events. Here’s another round.

Q: WHY DO JOE BIDEN AND OTHER DEMOCRATS WANT THE POLICE DEFUNDED? (This question came in response to multiple Democrat jurisdictions in the country, like in Minnesota and California, voting to replace their police departments or defund and diminish their police departments. Plus the way countless Democrat politicians like Biden have taken to referring to the police as “the enemy” and “an occupying army.”)

Privileged White DemocratA: “Democrats” often just means PRIVILEGED WHITE PEOPLE WHO THINK THEY ARE SPEAKING FOR PEOPLE OF COLOR BY AUTOMATICALLY SIDING AGAINST POLICE. These Democrats have convinced themselves that it’s only “privileged”…

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