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What a blessing it is to have someone telling the right side of the story.


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Brandon Tatum, a Martin Luther King Person of Courage, heroically corrected the many false statements made by a BBC newsreader regarding policing in the U.S. As usual, the self-appointed “white savior” media buffoon did not know how to handle a strong man of color who pushed back against the astonishingly incorrect assumptions that are made by so many people overseas and here at home. The 4 minute and 40 second video is below.

brandon tatum picI can certainly understand Tatum’s surprise at how uninformed the newsreader is. I’m often amazed myself at the way people who don’t live here presume to know more than we do about political and social situations in the country where we live. I sometimes remind overseas people who condescendingly spout wrong information like this that they do not get an accurate view from the brief, isolated sniglets of “news” (LMAO) that they see. It’s why you never…

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