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Googly interfered with this blog by moving words.  For documentary purposes.  When do we get to use the 230 rule of law?


It is all about control and China/Democrats killing lots of old folks. The Democrats keep talking about reparations for the blacks – what about retribution/reparations from the Chinese/Democrats? How many years has the U.S. been breast-feeding China? Now that the milk has dried up – they want to be in charge to get more help with corrupt Biden by sucking us dry and then what?

What are they saying – WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER?  What a joke.  By the way, how much GOLD did Obama give China?  Seems like they are buying oil from Russia with gold instead of dollars?


ARLIN REPORT...................walking this path together

Doctor, nurse, scientist, researcher hand in blue gloves holding flu, measles, coronavirus, covid-19 vaccine disease preparing for human clinical trials vaccination shot, medicine and drug concept.

Do you find it as odd as I do, that all these vaccines (from about 6 different sources) are about to roll out (have in UK) about the same time ………all of a sudden? This looks to be like an ‘organized global solution’. One of the main sources comes from the initiator of this virus……..CHINA! How long have they really had the preventive cure for their China Virus (COVID-19)? The way this is playing out it really does look like a CONTROL THINGY (as Joe Biden would say), control the people; cripple them to accepting a ONE WORLD (GLOBALIST) ORDER.

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