The natural progress of things is for liberty to yield and government to gain ground.


Liberty Unyielding

Just the News  December 4, 2020

Just can’t quit him: Judge Emmet Sullivan still won’t dismiss Flynn case.

This has been looking like a psychotic break for months. What’s beyond that? Well, whatever it is, the problem is very unlikely to lie with Sullivan. His only motive for this would appear to be extraordinary pressure from someone else, who simply won’t let go of trying to hold a hammer over Flynn.

District Judge Reggie Walton said on Friday that Judge Emmet Sullivan doesn’t have a lot of options in dealing with the fact that President Trump granted Flynn a full pardon, “unless he takes the position that the wording of the pardon is too broad, in that it provides protections beyond the date of the pardon.”

Emmet Sullivan, who was presiding over the case, refused to dismiss the charges even though there was no one attempting to prosecute the case. The legal process has dragged on through the appeals process, and finally President Trump issued a full pardon on November 25. On November 30, the DOJ notified Sullivan of the pardon, but he has still refused to drop the case.

Judge Walton appears to have hinted at what Sullivan is thinking as he refuses to dismiss the case.


The guy’s a Democrat/psychopath – he’s got a fatal attraction for Flynn. Send in the white coats. Dismiss this “judge,” to the netherworld. It is bad to be a Democrat but then to be part of a Democrat’s heritage – psychopath – makes it worse in the legal eagle world.


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