AAN Exclusive Interview With Voter Integrity Fund Founder Matthew Braynard

Trump Technology Specialist Shares Unsettling Voter Info

November 20, 2020 | AAN Staff | Opinion,Politics,Videos | 0

Data specialist Matthew Braynard first received an introduction to President Donald Trump as a member of his data team during the insurgent 2016 campaign.

Braynard dramatically returned to the campaign trail a week ago in an effort to seek out any evidence of voter fraud. The dedicated workers driving Braynard’s Voter Integrity Fund began immediately searching far and wide for any irregularities:

A consummate professional, Matt and his team have sought out nothing but the truth, without any expectations or preconceived notions.

While some accusations of fraud have fizzled, others are profoundly concerning. Perhaps most troubling are those involving people who requested absentee ballots — according to the state — but did not return them.

To get to the bottom of these possible instances of misconduct, Matt’s team has called thousands of voters to ask point-blank, “Did you request that ballot, and if you did, did you return it?” He adds that in many cases, “people are telling us that they did not request a ballot, and of those who did, many of them are telling us that they did return the ballots and they just weren’t counted according to the state.”

Another concern revolves around residency requirements for voting. Every functioning adult in the United States understands that you must be a state resident to vote there. Yet each election cycle, voters break the law or do their best to exploit weak residency rules. Matt describes the widespread duplicity, “What we’re finding is that many people have established residency in other states and decided to cast a ballot back in their home state, which is one of the swing states or had a ballot cast in their name without their knowledge.”

What do you make of Matt’s conclusions so far as his team continues to gather and analyze voter data? As always, tell us in the comments below!


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