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America’s Mayor Rudy Giuliani and the Trump legal team outlined their challenge to the 2020 election. The team presented hard evidence for large-scale voter fraud and corruption in a coordinated effort to cheat the sitting President.

These quotes demonstrate the severity of the problems that plague our electoral system:
“This was not an idea of 10 or 12 Democratic bosses. This was a plan. You’d have to be a fool not to realize that.” – Rudy Giuliani
“I think a full-scale criminal investigation needs to be undertaken by the Department of Justice.” – Sydney Powell
“Do you know how many affidavits we have in the Michigan case? 220 affidavits.” – Rudy Giuliani
“We also have another lawsuit in Michigan that will accomplish the other objectives of what we want to do in Michigan. So, it’s silly to have two competing lawsuits. The only lawyer that left a case left because he was threatened, his family was threatened, his children were threatened. And so was the other lawyer. Yeah, that’s true. We have a little difficulty getting lawyers because our lawyers get threatened with being killed.” – Rudy Giuliani
Congressman Matt Gaetz said it best when he argued, “If we don’t expose this fraud, they are not going to get worse at this, they will get better at it and we will never win another national election again.”
Sign the Petition

Sign the Constitutional Rights PAC’s petition requiring every state legislator in Pennsylvania, Georgia, Arizona, Michigan, Minnesota, and Nevada to refuse to cast any electoral vote or affirm President Trump’s second term.

We refuse to let the obvious fraud go unanswered! What kind of country will we be handing our children if we let it continue? This is a reminder that we are custodians of the republic– i.e., it’s not ours to give away.


Donald J. Trump is the biggest roadblock to the elitist agenda. This is why they can’t allow four more years. Tell your legislators that we are all sovereign men who won’t put up with the obvious fraud. #StoptheCoup and tell elitist cheats that the republic is not for the taking.

Keep fighting like your President,

Costitutional Right PAC

P.S. If you’ve already signed the #StoptheCoup petition, please consider donating to our efforts.



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