All of this is done to stop conservative’s ability to blog.

This blog is to call attention to the security for this computer. Earlier, Google injected a note to state that my security by PCMATIC/Microsoft 10 was turned off. Who turns my security off? And then stated that a virus was imminent. I immediately exited from all of my sites and ran a PCMATIC scan. When I tried to reboot the computer Microsoft came in and injected their own update before I could reboot my scan. I immediately turned my computer off which turned off Microsoft’s interference to my scan. I then reran another PCMATIC scan and rebooted.

My question is – why does GOOGLE/MICROSOFT keep turning off my two installed securities when they are installed and then inject a virus? I have had two computers shut down and two laptops destroyed. I have a new computer in the shop which was sent to Dell/Microsoft’s New Jersey shop and returned.

When are the congress/senate going to do something to the tech people so that we can get some retribution for the money we continue to spend to keep our computers running. When is congress/senate going to help us.


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