Make sure you vote. This really is a historic election that will matter more than any other in your lifetime. Vote early and often as mayor Daley once said

Final Ross Rant forecast: I have money on this If I am wrong, I never said I am a pollster. I just go by gut. No fun unless you put it on the line to see who is right.

Here is one possible scenario-the race is a far closer than national polls suggest. State by state in key states by Trafalger has Trump ahead or tied. Rasmussen has also reported a shift in the past week toward Trump, especially after the debate, blacks moved materially to Trump – The hidden Trump vote is substantial, and the black vote (25%+) and Latino vote for Trump (35%) will be larger than most predict, and that could potentially get him over 270.

Trump could possibly take FL, PA, NC, OH, MI, WI, AZ, TX, IO wins with around 280. Given the games the Dems are playing in PA, and the 3 days they have to count ballots, we will not know the outcome for maybe 3-4 days, and then the lawsuits start.

R’s hold Senate in this case

If Biden was really up by 8 he would not be suddenly out in PA and other places, and Obama would not be out at all.

Durham announces indictments in November

Hunter Biden started sleeping with Beau’s wife, but she threw him out when she learned he was also screwing her 14 yr old daughter Hunter is a real screwed up guy that Joe says is the “smartest guy he knows”. That is pretty scary.

Biden, if elected, will not last 4 years. He has deteriorated according to a lot of people who have known him. Think about Harris as president after two years, even if not in fact, but de facto. They just work around Joe and prop him up in front of a teleprompter once in a while. Meantime the world takes advantage of the situation and China and Iran cause mayhem

The virus surge will hammer the stock market no matter who wins, especially with UK, France and Germany going back into lockdown. The only thing that will mitigate a major decline in stocks is Trump wining and saying NO lockdown.


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