Anti-Trump U.S. Intelligence Community ‘Tilts Left’ – Says Former CIA Officer



Carol M. Highsmith via Wikimedia Commons
October 29, 2020 | Paul Crespo

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While partisans accuse President Trump of politicizing America’s spy agencies, the U.S. Intelligence Community (IC) was politicized long before Trump was elected. The Russia collusion hoax and the recent unsubstantiated disinformation claiming the Hunter Biden emails are part of a “Russian plot” only reinforces how badly the IC had been politicized — to the Left.

In a recent op-ed, Fred Fleitz, a career CIA officer and executive secretary of the National Security Council under President Trump, says that “President Trump wants [intelligence] reform. Judging by their fevered activism of late, pro-Biden ex-spies hope a new administration will permit them to return to business as usual.”

Fleitz adds that the left and its media enablers have created a false narrative that the IC is pristine and pure during Democrat administrations, and only politicized under Republicans. “This is part of a long tradition of dishonesty by liberal politicians, some spooks and the mainstream media about politics in US intelligence agencies,” says Fleitz.

He goes on to say that:

As a CIA officer, I witnessed politicization of intelligence to undermine the Reagan, George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush administrations and politicization to bolster the foreign-policy agendas of the Clinton and Obama administrations. Most intelligence officers who engaged in such unethical activity got away with it; many were rewarded.

Even before Trump was elected, I predicted that he would have a lot of trouble with the Intelligence Community, because it increasingly tilts left. I couldn’t have imagined how bad this problem would be: that intelligence would be weaponized against a duly elected administration.

This included leaked National Security Agency reports, the unmasking of Trump campaign officials from intelligence reports and the use of a fraudulent dossier paid for by the Democratic National Committee to justify foreign-intel warrants to spy on Team Trump.

Fleitz argues that Trump’s efforts to counter this problem “came too little, too late.” Only with documents recently declassified and released by Trump appointees, “did the American people begin to fathom the depths of anti-Trump intelligence abuse.”

Still, Fleitz believes “the Trump administration made significant progress publicizing rampant politicization in intelligence agencies and offset some of it through staffing changes and reorganization in the DNI office.”

Giving Trump a second term would allow him to finish the job of draining the swamp inside the IC and prevent Biden’s “officials-in-waiting” who are “desperate to reverse the Trump administration’s modest gains in depoliticizing intelligence.”

As Fleitz says, “The 2020 election is about many issues, but one crucial one is the status of America’s intelligence apparatus. Do our intel agencies serve the American people — or their own interests and lefty agendas?”


Do our intel agencies serve the American people — or their own interests and lefty agendas?”

I would have to agree with – intel agencies serve their own interest and lefty agendas.

The way to clean this up is to give President four more years to clean out all of the cow patties in those organizations.


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